Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | February 12, 2011

From Cosmosophia:

The story of the Universe is the story that ends as it began: the spark of the Big Bang is in each of us; we have, at this moment, through our creativity, the capacity to create anew the Universe, to become compassionate to the whole of creation.  Chaos—and surely we live in chaotic times—is the mother of creative transformation.  Even as our individual interiority emerges, our imaginative capacities allow us to return to embeddedness in the cosmic womb.  This return requires more than new knowledge, but a new myth, a way of connecting us to one another, to the rest of Earth and to the cosmos.  The new myth will not be created by science or philosophy, but by the collective creativity of humanity.  We will need more than mere ideas; to be remade and renewed from our very roots, to become “pure and ready to climb to the stars,” we need poets like Dante. We are, at this moment, like my unborn daughter, putting hand prints on the edge of our world, our womb—not unlike the earliest humans did on the interior of the cave—unsure what lies beyond.


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