Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | February 24, 2011

Factory farms, Factory School: The Myth of Food & the Human as Machine

Literally, physically, biologically, we are what we eat.  The modern industrial world teaches us that we are machines, that we can engineer food for our children like we engineer our cars and our cell phones.  The problem is that we are not machines.  The metaphor of human-as-machine has led us to factory farms, factory schools, of a barren landscapes and barren imaginations.  Too often we believe that the purpose of farming is to make money, to produce more while destroying the planets living systems.  Why?  Our science can quite simply show how such practices are unsustainable.  The answer is both incredibly simple and complex: we have created a worldview that alienates us from our food.  Here is an article on yet another problem caused by Monsanto’s  horrific practices:


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