Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | March 14, 2011

Celebrating the Seed: Spring Equinox Celebration at Op Shop

Please join us for the Spring Equinox Celebration at Op Shop (1001 E. 53rd St., Chicago, IL) on March 20 at 5:30.  Bring something to eat and a seed–either literal or metaphorical–that can grow into the flowers of your imagination.  We will have a short ritual (all contributions are welcome), a potluck, and watch a film.

We are seeds.  Everything we eat is, ultimately, a seed. Each of us was once a seed in the womb.  The entire cosmos was once a seed, a moment of pure potentiality, of becoming, of possibility.  The seed is imagination.

Corporate factory farms have tried to steal the seed from the farmer.  In part, this is about economics, but it is also about the power of the seed.  If we understand we are seeds, our sense of self is expanded, organic and dynamic.  If we become estranged from the seed, we are reduced to machines and consumers.  Our power is lost.

The seed is imagination.  The equinox is a moment to remember we are seeds, that we have, at this moment, the opportunity grow into infinite possibilities.

The primary symbols for this time of year are the egg, which, symbolically, is similar to the seed; and the tree, which is that which comes forth from the seed:

From my room I could look out at a tree,

Its leaves dancing on my wall

In shadows cast by moonlight

And street lights.

This moment, of beauty, is the springtime.

We are the flowers, birthing the fruit of summer’s possibility.

[From “Le Stelle“, published in Handprints on the Womb]

Angel, Mississippi, 1999


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