Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | April 20, 2011

Video: To be alive is to be at the edge, is to be in awe.

If we are to once again experience the cosmos as our womb, to participate meaningfully in the awesome event called the Universe, then we must simply walk outside, pause, and look at the shining stars, or see a child being born, or listen to a tree’s leaves rustling in the wind, and be amazed.  Until we regain this capacity, no set of ideas can save us from ourselves.

From Cosmosophia: Cosmology, Mysticism, and the Birth of a New Myth

“The Love that Burns”

To know

What it means to be human;

To find the wisdom to become

Homo sapiens:

To live the love

That burns;

To remember,

And to dream a world

To life;

To sing songs, to write poems, to tell stories;

To taste the wind with our tongues

And to listen to the leaves;

To press our tiny hands

To the edge of our womb world;

To be amazed and terrified,

At this awesome, awful world;

To be born,

Bloody, swollen, and full of possibility.

July 2008

[From Handprints on the Womb]


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