Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | May 10, 2011

Two great events in the Chicago Area: Creation Spirituality Conference and Journey of the Universe

There are two exciting events coming up in Chicago in the near future, both dealing with issues of cosmology, spirituality, and the ecological crisis.  The long-awaited debut of the Brian Swimme (my former teacher) and Mary Evelyn Tucker’s Journey of the Universe will explore the emerging cosmology–which includes much more than facts about the universe, but values, wisdom, and how we experience our place in it–in light of the recent explosion of knowledge about the universe.  Here is the trailer:

More information on my calendar page.

The Creation Spirituality Communities annual gathering focuses on “Sustainability as Spiritual Practice” in recognition that we will not begin to live more sustainably until we begin to see a sustainable life as part of our spiritual practice, which also requires that we recognize the Earth as sacred.  Go to there website ( for more information or to register. More information is also available on my calendar page or here:—The-Top-10-Reasons-to-Beat-Sunday-s-Deadline–Creation-Spirituality-Communities-Gathering-June-16—19.html?soid=1102539683232&aid=gsUCwqIFqLY


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