Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | September 1, 2011

Become a Mythmaker at Chicago IONS

Join me September 18th at Chicago IONS for an interactive workshop on mythmaking


“I am”

I am;

I am the dark matter of my dark mother, burning deep in space;

I am the salty ocean of my tears,

tears shed for a world of possibility and despair;

I am the story of my ancestors, and the imagination of my daughter;

I am memories of the long journeys, of stories told in darkness by the fire,

and in the moonlight;

I am the cave paintings, and the handprints on the womb;

I am being born each moment,

new and fresh.

I am the parched Earth, the crying skies;

I am Imagination,

tapestry of humanity’s yearnings for the future,

depth of my own uniqueness.

And I am the dying Earth,

crying for the memory of the gifts she gave us,

of the struggles of my mothers.



This class is largely based on my book Cosmosophia: Cosmology, Mysticism, and the Birth of a New Myth (Hiraeth Press).

The unique challenges of today’s world can be solved neither through progress and technology nor a return to the ideas of the past—or even through mere ideas at all—but by a deep mystical re-connection to our world and the creative, imaginative process of telling a new myth that integrates our mystical traditions and modern science.

A worldview—a cosmology and mythology—determines what a culture considers to be the ultimate reality, and consequently shapes the values of the individual.  In modernity, decisions are based upon a worldview that devalues the natural world, tells us we are alienated from one another and disconnected from the cosmos.  In this class, we will work through a new discipline, “cosmosophy,” which seeks to reconcile the individual and the whole through the wisdom of the cosmos.  Central to this work is the notion that wisdom is not the creation of the human, or deposited into the world from above, but the way the Universe creates meaningful, compassionate relationships.  The human is called upon to find the specific human expression of this wisdom at this moment.

From this discipline, I propose a new mythic and symbolic framework, “cosmosophia,” which integrates the insights of the cosmologies and mystical philosophies of the wisdom traditions and modern science.  Any worldview is based on certain basic assumptions about reality that a particular culture makes.  In modernity, these assumptions or core metaphors have led us to see our world as corrupted or dead.  Cosmosophia is a new set of metaphors upon which a worldview can be created that treats the cosmos as ensouled, alive, or sacred.

In this workshop, we begin the process of telling a new myth.  Members of a culture understand their relationship to the world is defined not by facts about the world, but the story we tell about it.  A story invites us to participate.  The mythmaker is the artist who tells these great stories.  Using the most recent insights of science as well as drawing from various mystical traditions, we will work toward creating a new myth based upon the symbolic framework of cosmosophia.


  1. A deeper understanding of the challenges of this moment from a mythic perspective
  2. A deeper understanding of the possibilities for a shift in consciousness at this moment, including both a process and also a metaphorical/symbolic framework
  3. An invitation to enter a process of creating a new myth integrated in the insights of contemporary science and tradition, mystical cosmology
  4. A vision for the human for the future


  • Exploring the dominant paradigm today.
  • What is our worldview?  What is our story?
  • Activities to explore how our actual worldview is different from the worldview we thought we had.
  • Cosmic Poetry: sharing and writing.
  • Sharing and exploring our personal and shared stories
  • Re-imagining education and spirituality




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