Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | December 26, 2011

The Community for Cosmo-Centric Spirituality

I have been thinking a lot over the last few years about how to foster authentic community.

Community is something cannot happen on a screen. Authentic community requires us to touch one another, to breath the same air.  The Community for Cosmocentric Spirituality is an effort to build community around the shared values of an interfaith spirituality that emphasizes the mystical and the Earth-, eco-, and cosmic-centered approaches to religion.

At this moment in history, we are called upon to bring forth a new way of being human.  This moment requires a rejection of the individualism, consumerism, and dualism of the Modern period.  We are called upon to bring forth a wisdom that is at once ancient and novel, one that embraces the paradox of nature, the mystics, and of the new science.
  • Creating, empowering others to create, and sharing art and ideas that takes a critical look at the values of our society and a collaborative effort to create a new mythos for a more just, sustainable and compassionate civilization.
  • Wisdom Education: we commit to teaching the new philosophical and spiritual paradigm as described in our mission.

You can find more information about getting involved at OUnI or on our Facebook page. (Please “like” us)

To join us, please contact me at



  1. Theodore, thank you for this! I’m resonating…
    One question, though: the OUnI link – which I read as Order of Universal Interfaith, of which there’s a community here in Baltimore – led me to your blog…? Confused…
    Would you elucidate? Thank you!

    • Phila, That was an an error… thanks for catching it. It has been corrected. Yes, it indeed refers to that order:

  2. Hi Theordore. This is interesting..I am intriqued and share your focus on community. I am curious as to how you imagine the synergies with CSC? Susan

    • Susan – Thanks. It seems obvious that there are connections and synergies, although, this being very much an evolving endeavor, I haven’t figured them out. I have been in touch with Diane Wolverton, though. At the very least, I’d like to consider this part of the same movement that CSC is helping to birth and facilitate.

      If you don’t mind, I will include you on my list of interested people and will be in touch as things evolve.

      As always, you generous and thoughtful contributions are appreciated!


      • YES! Put me on the list. I would like to support you and this effort in any way possible!

  3. Great!

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