Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | May 29, 2012

Earth Birth: A Painting by Deborah Milton Inspired by Cosmosophia

“Earth Birth” by Deborah Milton

I was deeply moved to learn that the painting above, created by Deborah Milton, was at least partly inspired by Cosmosophia. She uses the following quote from the book:

“If we are to once again experience the cosmos as our womb, to participate meaningfully in the awesome event called the Universe, then we must simply walk outside, pause, and look at the shining stars, or see a child being born, or listen to a tree’s leaves rustling in the wind, and be amazed. Until we regain this capacity, no set of ideas can save us from ourselves.”

For more on how Cosmosophia re-imagines the cosmos as womb and birthing-process, click here.



  1. How beautiful!

  2. Theodore, what a surprise! I just offered a link to your blog to an acquaintance of mine who might be interested in your Chicago Wisdom Teacher Project. I know I am!!!! To make sure the link worked, I clicked on it and there was Earth Birth. Thank you, thank you…I am honored.

    • Deborah,

      I am glad you found it! I meant to share this with you directly but I guess I forgot. I am honored myself.


  3. Absolutely wonderful painting Deborah! I have also been moved by Cosmosophia and am seeing Theodore this Sunday…it’s a small world for those of us trying to birth a new paradigm : )

    • Looking forward to seeing you, Prem! – theodore

    • Oh my gosh, Prem. I just discovered you here. Oh my gosh my golly what fun is this! I’m blown away. I just looked at your blog briefly and see that you have three children. How can that be????? I’ll contact you at greater length tomorrow. Love seeing the depth of your work and can imagine you and Theodore as mighty comrades.

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