Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | July 6, 2012

The City Dark/The Wayfarer

“The Wayfarer”

“We are all wayfarers. . . for there is no end to wayfaring.”

Ibn Al-Arabi

I arrived in darkness.  From one vast, empty, black infinity to another, I arrived.  In the Pacific, like nowhere else in the world, the sea and the sky are mirrors.  One emptiness reflecting the other, interrupted only by islands and stars, stars and islands so much the same.  At night, the sameness and smallness is accentuated by the black emptiness of sea and sky.

I arrived tearfully and alone, in a smallish, raucous plane of Samoans, I the only foreigner.  It took exactly one day, one empty sea, one empty sky, for my bravery to abate.  I was alone, afraid.

Looking out the window, there was only blackness.  Nothing.  So I waited, watching the Samoans laugh and talk, happy to almost be home, back from a trip (to see relatives, probably) to the big city, Honolulu.

We landed, finally.  I had been traveling all day, from Chicago to Honolulu, Honolulu to Tutuila, one of the largest planets in the Samoan solar system, in the galaxy of the Pacific.

The islands of the Pacific are so small, so seemingly insignificant, that for thousands of years people have looked up to the great mirror in the sky to find themselves.  It was not with any consideration of ancient Polynesian navigators that I first looked upwards when I stepped off the plane; I was simply compelled to do so because I hadn’t been able to find this little island from the window of the plane.  I felt like I was landing nowhere; it was too dark.

I looked up, looking for light, looking for God.

Samoa 2000

Click here for more on the film The City Dark


  1. So many phrases here that touched my heart and took my breath away. You are an amazing writer, Ted! Thank you for sharing this journey. I will never look at the night sky or the sea the same again.

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