Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | November 29, 2012

Education Series #1: From Bill Ayers: A Letter to the President #CreativelyMaladusted

In anticipation of my forthcoming book, Creatively Maladjusted, I am beginning a blog series on education. To begin, here is a quote from Bill Ayers, who is writing the forward to the book, on so-called “education reform”:

“The three pillars of this agenda are nested in a seductive but wholly inaccurate metaphor: Education is a commodity like any other—a car or a refrigerator, a box of bolts or a screwdriver—that is bought and sold in the marketplace. Within this controlling metaphor the schoolhouse is assumed to be a business run by a CEO, with teachers as workers and students as the raw material bumping along the assembly line while information is incrementally stuffed into their little up-turned heads.”

To read more from this article, click here.

The opposite side of this conversation is represented by Jeb Bush’s education reform in Florida. There, Bush received a great deal of credit for a quick and misleading jump in test scores. If we focus enough on a test, the scores will, of course, go up. Predictably, the scores have gone back down. But the so-called reform, which consists largely of on-line classes and privatized schools (more money for Bush’s cronies) continues. Perhaps most unfortunate in this conversation is not that a right-winger like Jeb Bush would implement such a policy, but that these policies would represent the norm for both parties.

Find more on Wisdom Education at The Chicago Wisdom Project.

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