Posted by: theodorecosmosophia | January 1, 2013

A New Year Blessing: “The Love That Burns”

Tibet, 2000

Tibet, 2000

“The Love that Burns”

To know

What it means to be human;

To find the wisdom to become

Homo sapiens:

To live the love

That burns;

To remember,

And to dream a world

To life;

To sing songs, to write poems, to tell stories;

To taste the wind with our tongues

And to listen to the leaves;

To press our tiny hands

To the edge of our womb world;

To be amazed and terrified,

At this awesome, awful world;

To be born,

Bloody, swollen, and full of possibility.

July 2008

[Originally published in Handprints on the Womb]

earth birth

“Earth Birth” By Deborah Milton


  1. thank you for this awe-full, burning love. Have just celebrated this new birthing year with tasting the rare sun in this rainforesty world.

  2. Thanks to you, Deborah.

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