My blog has moved. Please go to http://theodorerichards.com/blog for all future posts.

Welcome to Theodore Richards’ Blog. Theodore Richards, PhD, is a poet, writer, and religious philosopher. He is a long time student of the Taoist martial art of Bagua and hatha yoga and has traveled, worked and studied in 25 different countries, including the South Pacific, the Far East, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Theodore has received degrees from the University of Chicago, The California Institute of Integral Studies, Wisdom University, and the New Seminary where he was ordained. He has worked with inner city youth on the South Side of Chicago, Harlem, the South Bronx, and Oakland, where he was the director of YELLAWE, an innovative program for teens in Oakland created by Matthew Fox, teaching philosophy, cosmology, and martial arts with a particular emphasis on creativity and imagination. He is the author of Handprints on the Womb, a collection of poetry; Cosmosophia: Cosmology, Mysticism, and the Birth of a New Myth, recipient of the Independent Publisher Awards Gold Medal in religion; the novel, The Crucifixion; and the forthcoming Creatively Maladjusted: The Wisdom Education Movement Manifesto. Theodore Richards is the founder and executive director of The Chicago Wisdom Project and a Dean and lecturer on world religions at The New Seminary.

This space is a place to contribute to the tapestry that is our shared mythology.  The ideas, stories,  poems, and pictures shared here are my small contribution to the work of giving birth to a new worldview–one that leads to a more just, sustainable, and compassionate civilization.  All are invited to share their contributions to this work.

Please go to www.theodorerichards.com for information.

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